Full-service car rental

  • Ltd. "ML auto" customers need to know only one toll-free telephone or e-mail to apply for services at any time of the day. +371 29555818

  • "ML auto" customer service specialists will organize all the necessary work, agree on the most convenient time for you and control the work deadlines.

  • We will also remind you about the upcoming technical inspections, maintenance or tire change by phone, e-mail or SMS.

Long-term rental 

- will equip your chosen car according to your needs and rent for an agreedrental period and mileage. 

Rent fee is fixed during the whole lease period.

Full-service car rental!


Cars have owner's civil liability (OCTA) damage and theft risk (KASCO) insurance and all insured event administration - insurance case applying for the insurer, document processing, damage repair term, quality and insurance compensation harmonization.

Taxes and Technical inspections

We provide vehicle's annual operating tax payment and technical inspection of your car.

full-service car rental!


Within the agreed mileage organize your car technical maintenance, perform quality and cost coordination and control.

24 hours roadside assistance

By calling us, you at any time of the day will receive technical assistance or vehicle evacuation services in the Baltics, in addition - also in other countries.

Tire storage and change

  • Seasonal tire change, mounting and balancing, tire storage in non-season.
  • Tires (new tire purchase instead of worn out ones).
  • Purchase of new tires instead of worn out ones within the agreed mileage.

Normal wear and tear repair works

Ltd. "Ml auto" provides all the normal wear and tear repair works, replacement of spare parts, necessary inspections, measurements and regulation works, as well as warranty repair works. We perform repair deadline, spare parts supply, technical solutions, quality and cost coordination and control.